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All our work is guaranteed for 12 months.

I can repair and install all types of general plumbing, appliances and fittings.

WC Cisterns;
i keep a van stock of parts for the most common repairs, whether your cistern is a modern push button or the traditional handle operated type. Constant running of water into the wc pan or externally, give me a call... It's easily fixed!

Taps & Mixer Taps:
Servicing, replacing and repairing of all types, including obtaining and installing mixer cartridges.

General Plumbing;
Tracing, repairing of leaks, noisy banging of pipes (water hammer), ballvalves, airlocks and installation of copper pipe work.

Shower Mixers;
Fault finding, repair and tracing of thermostatic cartridges. Shower booster pump installation, upgrading of old shower heads and wall rail kits.

Also able to clear blocked domestic waste systems ( sinks, showers, bath and basins) with the aid of our small hand held electric drain clearing machines.

#Boiler corrosion

I am able to carry out  a full range of gas tests on your appliances, to ensure they are in good safe working order.

Give me a call if you are moving in to a new property and are unsure of the condition of the gas appliances or your home survey highlights an inspection visit.

If you are a landlord or home owner I can carry out your yearly gas safety inspection. I can also arrange a convenient time with your tenants.

Options include having you gas safety records sent to you via PDF e-mail or Royal mail. Boiler service while on site and or carrying out small plumbing repair while on site.


Boiler Services

Suspected Gas Escapes

CO/CO2 Readings taken

Reinstatement of Gas

Gas Supply Upgrades

Gas Safety Certificates

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Boiler Servicing/Maintenance Check.

Upon arrival on site we are armed with the laptop,
for your boiler manufacturers manuals and a CO/CO2 Analyser, for checking the condition of the appliance.
Depending on the boiler, we clean the condensing trap, take fan pressure readings, gas rates, check condition of the ignition probes, burners, heat exchangers, flue system and check for any leaks.
We then take an analyser reading, which should be to manufacturers tolerances. Printed reports are then given to you.

Boiler Breakdown/ Fault Finding.

When you call us out, we will ask if you have the appliance manual, and what if any fault code is displaying on the front of the boiler display.
We keep a stock of parts that is common to most boilers.
We follow the manufacturers fault finding guides and can carry out multi meter tests.
We charge £60.00 + vat to carry out the fault finding process, which usually take about an hour.
If the boiler is then unable to fire up due to parts that are needed, once we locate and obtain manufacturers part numbers we can give you a fixed price to carry out the repair.

Boiler Installations.
We are unable to give you an estimate over the phone.
We need to come out to conduct a site survey.

Generally on the older installations the gas supply were undersized (15mm) a new 22mm is required on modern high efficient boilers.
This in most cases can be 2-3 meters away, so no big deal.
The flue position is very important, so it can discharge the products of combustion safely and not cause a nuisance to your neighbour or enter back in to the building.
A waste pipe is required to take the condensate water away from the boiler, this needs to be plumbed-in as per standards.

Pictures of past jobs can be found here.

I am a Vaillant Advance installer and as such can offer you 7 year manufacturers warranty on the Vaillant ecoTEC pro range of boilers. I also install the Greenstar range of Worcester Bosch boilers, from the basic Junior i model that has 2 year warranty, the upgraded Si model and top of the range CDi models that come with 5 year manufacturers warranties.

To take advantage of these longer warranty times, the manufacturers want all systems have to be cleaned and a system filter has to be installed to stop any debris from clogging the boiler heat exchangers. Also because we live in a hard water area, a 15mm scale reducing device is required on the inlet to the boilers.

Once the boilers have been installed the Commissioning Checklist has to be completed in full by the competent person who commissioned the boiler as a means of demonstrating compliance with the appropriate Building Regulations and then handed to the customer to keep for future reference. Failure to install and commission according to the manufacturer’s instructions and complete this Benchmark Commissioning Checklist will invalidate the warranty. This does not affect the customer’s statutory rights.

Finally I will notify your installation to the Gas Safe Register, who will send you your Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.

Summer installations will include your 1st years boiler service free
within the price.

Prices from £1400 + vat

Controls Upgrades.

We can install energy efficient controls, whether wireless models, plug-in to boiler types or hard wired types.
Fitting of thermostatic radiator valves is required by the building regulation Part L, not only do they cut down on energy bills, they will also improve your comfort levels in the bedroom areas.
Please call me about competitive prices on installing controls.


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